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We offer clients a broad range of customized recruitment solutions. Retained, contingency and fixed fee searches are offered and structured to our client needs.
If your hospice or home care needs to locate the best available President / Executive Director, Clinical Director / Manager, Sales Manager / Account Reps or RN Case Managers. Our solutions will prove to be a great benefit. Our Recruitment consultants have intimate knowledge and true expertise in hospice and home care. We are recruitment experts that work on a national basis, we offer professional, efficient and quality service no matter what your resource requirements may be.

We recruit all positions that make up the hospice and home care team.
RN’s, Account Reps, Clinical Management and Executive Leadership

RECRUITMENT PROCESS OUTSOURCING REDEFINED FOR HOSPICE RPO is a specialized service that allows clients to outsource some or all of the recruitment function. An RPO provider leverages the combination of strategy, technology, resources, and vendor management to improve the recruitment process. Operating as the client’s internal recruitment function and strategic partner, as your RPO provider we will support and work for your staff in order to improve the recruitment efficiencies of quality of hire, speed of delivery and cost containment. Improvements measured and monitored through real-time metrics are then tied to strict service level agreements. We continuously recognize and deliver best practices to tactically elevate your company’s internal processes and promote the company as an employer of choice. Benefits of RPO In general, companies do not determine the true costs of hiring, which should include the overhead costs of the recruiter, time spent interviewing, the productivity lost while the position is vacant and similar factors. Our RPO solution collects, refines and analyzes all information that most companies either have not considered, or do not have the tools required to adequately assess and utilize. As Hospice Staffing Specialists we use this information to be the foundation on which to build your customized service model and allow you to budget more accurately for recruitment.